Larry Lawnchair


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The Man in the Flying Lawnchair is a feature-film that I wrote and plan to direct. Michael Besman (About Schmidt) is attached to produce.

The film tells the true story of Larry Walters, who in 1982 attached 42 weather balloons to a lawnchair and floated 16,000 feet above Los Angeles.

Larry miraculously survived, achieving his child-hood dream, and capturing the imagination of the world.

But after the limelight faded, his story took a series of ups and downs. Eleven years after his flight, Larry hiked into the LA National Forest and shot himself in the heart.

'The Man in the Flying Lawnchair' is the true-story behind the urban legend. The film reveals the many layers of a seemingly ordinary man who dared to live an extra-ordinary dream.

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I'm the 'kid' that Larry Walters gave the chair to. I'm currently making arrangements with the San Diego Air & Space Museum to display the lawnchair. I will be making a commitment to loan the chair to this museum for probably the rest of this year. We've spoken in the past about coordinating loaning the chair to the Smithsonian with the release of this film. Are there any new developments on this film going into production? If you are still interested in doing a cross promotional with the release of this film and its placement in the Smithsonian, you should contact me.

I look forward to seeing this movie.

There was a musical version of this story too. Called "Flight of the Lawnchair Man," by Peter Ullian it originated as part of a three-act stage show called "3hree." Heard rumors that it's being developed into its own full-length musical. The music is really clever and entertaining. So, ol' Larry inspired quite a bit of art around his dream.

Good luck with this project. I'm sure it's going to be lofty. "-)

I cannot wait to see Larry Lawnchair.

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